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Real Stories, Real Impact, Read about our students experiences at the Academy 


Ricardo Pacheco

"Jerome raised my standards for animation and gained the confidence to strive for excellence"

 Jerome has been pivotal in guiding me towards a deeper understanding of animation, helping me set a new standard for my work. His wealth of insights and practical advice has helped me to work more efficiently and creatively. What sets Jerome apart is not just his expertise, but his unwavering dedication and encouragement. With his support, I've not only honed my skills but also gained the confidence to push boundaries and strive for excellence. Working alongside Jerome has been an incredible journey of growth and achievement, making this period truly memorable and rewarding.



Dionysis Douliakas

"Jerome's unwaivering support  transformed my animation skills and career path"

Jerome took the time to discuss my career goals and put together a personalised plan, that gave me confidence and elevated my animation skills allowing me create a dynamic shot tailored to game cinematics. He provided clarity in his breakdown of my Showreel and CV. He was very flexible with the mentorship schedule, and went above and beyond offering me additional support outside of our scheduled sessions which really helped me progress



Ramon Stangherlin

"Jerome is an amazing, supportive mentor who has greatly enhanced my animation skills"

Jerome is an exceptional mentor! His patience, understanding, and animation expertise are truly impressive. Whenever I faced challenges, he consistently offered valuable assistance. Jerome's teaching approach is wonderfully adaptable, tailored perfectly to my learning preferences and availability, ensuring our sessions are highly productive. Under his guidance, my animation skills have improved significantly. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such an outstanding mentor to help me excel.



Alberto Laza

"Jerome's hands on approach immensly improved my animation skills"

What resonated with me the most were the invaluable insights into enhancing the marketability of my animations. Jerome's teaching approach is truly hands-on, he not only ensures comprehension of his feedback but also demonstrates genuine concern for the final outcome of our work. It's not just about crafting a beautiful shot, but also comprehending the underlying mechanics. My time at the Advanced Animation Academy has been incredible, and I couldn't be happier with the experience."



Zok Miko

"Jerome gave me the confidence and skills that enhanced my career"

Jerome helped me develop my skills and gave me confidence to believe that with enough determination I can eventually get my dream job. My abilities in body mechanics improved greatly but the course also taught me how to learn animation, what things to pay attention to when looking at references, the importance of Principles of Animation, and animation techniques that greatly improve the look and feel of my animations.



Liza Kurenkov

"Jerome's masterclass completely transformed my animation approach in just one hour!"

Jerome's clear and streamlined approach to animation is concise yet comprehensive, spanning from Maya scene layout to reference, blocking, and polishing techniques for complex creature shots. The workflow tips in his masterclass extend beyond specific shots, making the learning experience immensely beneficial. Jerome's presentation style is a very easy to follow format I learned a lot from this masterclass, thank you Jerome!



Imad Eddine Nouar

"Jerome's Expert Advice and Guidance Provided Clarity and Accelerated My Growth as an Animator"

Thank you very much, Jerome, for the consultation it's been a huge pleasure and honor to have that discussion with you, the discussion was fun, enjoyable, and concise. Your interest in helping me grow as an animator and an artist was very explicit in the way you analyzed my reel and pointed out the issues that needed to be ironed out, you even provided examples of alternative approaches for the shot and even gave me an action plan on how to speed up that process of learning that I have never considered before which was exactly what I needed.I recommend your service to anyone who's feeling stuck over what's the next step to take in their learning growth or needs practical advice to apply in their workflow. good luck with your mission!



Pablo Areosa

"Jerome's expertise improved my understand of animation elevated my skillset"

Thanks to Jerome and The Advanced Animation Academy, my understanding of animation has skyrocketed. Whether you're a novice or seeking advanced techniques, This school is the best place for mastering animation fundamentals and beyond.


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