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Animation Consultation 2021

Thank you very much, Jerome, for the consultation it's been a huge pleasure and honor to have that discussion with you, the discussion was fun, enjoyable, and concise. Your interest in helping me grow as an animator and an artist was very explicit in the way you analyzed my reel and pointed out the issues that needed to be ironed out, you even provided examples of alternative approaches for the shot and even gave me an action plan on how to speed up that process of learning that I have never considered before which was exactly what I needed.I recommend your service to anyone who's feeling stuck over what's the next step to take in their learning growth or needs practical advice to apply in their workflow. good luck with your mission!

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Body Mechanics 2022

Advanced Animation Academy not only helped to improve my skills but most importantly gave me confidence in myself as an animator. Seeing my improvement over the past 12 weeks made me believe that with enough determination I can eventually get my dream job. My abilities in body mechanics improved greatly but the course also taught me how to learn animation, what things to pay attention to when looking at references, the importance of Principles of Animation, and animation techniques that greatly improve the look and feel of my animations.

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Body Mechanics 2022

It was nice to go back to the "hows and whys" for the sharpening of my Body Mechanics skills. What I found most useful were the tips on how to sell my animations more. Jerome has a very "hands on deck" attitude to his teaching, where he not only made sure you understood his feedback but also cared about the final state of the shot you were working on. A " We are going to make a nice shot, but you also need to understand how everything works" kind of deal. Overall I'm very happy with my experience at the Advanced Animation Academy.

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Animation Basics 2023

AAA has helped me understand animation much better than before, if you want to learn all the basics of animation and more, then this is the site you’ll want to visit.

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