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Maximise your S.K.I.L.L.S and command a £10K + Animation promotion
with this new powerful performance strategy.
(Even if you've just begun your journey)


Animation S.K.I.L.L.S Mastery Live


In this 4 HOUR WORKSHOP you will discover



In 2014, I began my animation career, struggling to enter the industry before navigating the challenges to stick around and make solid progress. Over the last 10 years, I transitioned from feeling underpaid, underappreciated, and not trusted with the exciting projects as an animator, to taking my career into my own hands.

Now, I am recognised as the founder of The Advanced Animation Academy an industry-leading expert who has not only excelled personally but has also helped others scale the ranks of the industry and become inspiring leaders in their own right.

And that’s why I started The 6 steps to Animation Success . . .
I want to share the strategy I’ve used to more than Tipple my income, which has also helped dozens of animators like you to do the same.

My goal is to show you. . .

★ How to leverage your skillset and earn more as an animator.

★ How to become clear on the process to achieve your career goals.

★How to utilize effective strategies to excel and stand out as an ideal candidate.

If you would like to discover how I might be able to help you elevate your animation skills and empower your career, as I have for several others, I have a game-changing solution for you. . .

So . . Here's my proposal . . .
Register for my LIVE event below, and I promise to begin helping you become an indispensable asset and position yourself to earn an extra £10k+ in Animation.



"Jerome's unwavering support  transformed my animation skills and career path"

"Jerome took the time to discuss my career goals and put together a personalised plan, that gave me confidence and elevated my animation skills allowing me create a dynamic shot tailored to game cinematics. He provided clarity in his breakdown of my Showreel and CV. He was very flexible with the mentorship schedule, and went above and beyond offering me additional support outside of our scheduled sessions which really helped me progress"



Jerome gave me the confidence and skills that enhanced my career

Jerome helped me develop my skills and gave me confidence to believe that with enough determination I can eventually get my dream job. My abilities in body mechanics improved greatly but the course also taught me how to learn animation, what things to pay attention to when looking at references, the importance of Principles of Animation, and animation techniques that greatly improve the look and feel of my animations.



"Jerome's hands on approach immensely improved my animation skills"


What resonated with me the most were the invaluable insights into enhancing the marketability of my animations. Jerome's teaching approach is truly hands-on, he not only ensures comprehension of his feedback but also demonstrates genuine concern for the final outcome of our work. It's not just about crafting a beautiful shot, but also comprehending the underlying mechanics. My time at the Advanced Animation Academy has been incredible, and I couldn't be happier with the experience."



Ricardo Pacheco
"Jerome raised my standards for animation and gained the confidence to strive for excellence"
"Jerome has been pivotal in guiding me towards a deeper understanding of animation, helping me set a new standard for my work. His wealth of insights and practical advice has helped me to work more efficiently and creatively. What sets Jerome apart is not just his expertise, but his unwavering dedication and encouragement. With his support, I've not only honed my skills but also gained the confidence to push boundaries and strive for excellence. Working alongside Jerome has been an incredible journey of growth and achievement, making this period truly memorable and rewarding."

If you would like me to help you achieve the same levels of success as our previous students then register formy LIVE EVENT below.

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