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Our Gameplay Animation course, is designed to educate you on how to make your characters interactable inside a game engine. Powered by Unreal Engine 5 you will create believable in game character movement and an awe-inspiring boss confrontations. Guided by industry experts, this course serves as your portal to mastering the nuances of character motion, combat animations, and the crafting of formidable boss encounters.

Equipped with expert mentoring and state-of-the-art tools, this course empowers you to unleash your creative potential and become a fully competent Animator and Game Developer.

Instructor: Jerome Rodgers-Blake
Course Duration: 12 weeks
Skill level: Beginner - Intermediate
Software: Autodesk Maya
Course Cost: £600 GBP
This course can be taken at anytime
Project Files: Included
COMING 01.06.24



In this lesson, we delve into the intricate world of gameplay animation. By the end of this lesson, you will possess a thorough understanding of what it takes to excel in this dynamic role. From crafting lifelike character movements and technical in game implementation, we'll explore the critical skills and techniques that define gameplay animation. You'll gain insights into collaborating with game designers, programmers, and artists to bring virtual worlds to life. Moreover, we'll unravel the secrets of working with cutting-edge tools like Unreal Engine 5. With hands-on experiences and expert guidance,.


You will gain a comprehensive understanding of what a game engine is and how it functions as the backbone of interactive digital experiences. We explore the key components and capabilities of game engines and how they are essential to your role as a Gameplay animator. By the end of this lesson, you will be equipped with the foundational knowledge needed to appreciate the importance of game engines in creating captivating and immersive games.


In this lesson, we will embark on an exploration of the vital art of teamwork in the game development process. Understand how to seamlessly collaborate with experts from various disciplines to create a cohesive and immersive gameplay experience. From artists and programmers to designers and sound engineers, discover how synergy among diverse talents can transform your game ideas into captivating realities. This lesson equips you with the skills to navigate and lead successful collaborations, ensuring your games shine as a result of collective expertise in Unreal Engine 5.


in week 03 you will learn a fundamental technique used in creating dynamic and lifelike character movements within game development. You will discover the significance of the "root" bone or node in controlling a character's overall motion and how it influences the animation of various body parts. We delve into the practical applications of root motion, including its role in character locomotion, combat animations, and cinematic sequences. By the conclusion of this lesson, you will have a clear grasp of the concept and its essential role in enhancing the realism and fluidity of character animations in games.


Students will be instructed in production-ready workflows that enhance the quality and effectiveness of their motion capture results. This includes techniques and best practices for refining motion capture data, optimizing post-processing workflows, and maximizing the overall impact of motion capture in a production setting.


In this lesson, students will learn advanced techniques for refining their motion capture data and creating seamless looping animations. They will explore methods for smoothing out transitions and eliminating glitches, as well as best practices for creating looped animations that seamlessly repeat without any visible breaks or hiccups. By the end of the lesson, students will have a thorough understanding of how to take their motion capture animations to the next level and create polished, professional-looking content


In this concluding week, students will be introduced to the diverse career pathways that can be pursued with their newly acquired skillset. They will gain insights into the industry landscape and the various roles and responsibilities available to them in the animation and motion capture field. Additionally, students will be provided with career guidance and advice to help them plan their next steps and achieve their professional goals


In this concluding week, students will be introduced to the diverse career pathways that can be pursued with their newly acquired skillset. They will gain insights into the industry landscape and the various roles and responsibilities available to them in the animation and motion capture field. Additionally, students will be provided with career guidance and advice to help them plan their next steps and achieve their professional goals

WEEK 09 | GAMEPLAY PROJECT: BOSS BATTLE Part 01 | Design and Conceptualization

dive into the thrilling world of game design as you embark on the initial phase of crafting an epic boss battle. Learn the intricacies of designing and conceptualizing your formidable adversary, from defining its appearance and abilities to crafting the perfect battle arena. This foundational lesson sets the stage for an immersive gaming experience and is your first step toward creating an unforgettable boss battle in Unreal Engine 5.

WEEK 10 | GAMEPLAY PROJECT: BOSS BATTLE Part 02 | Character and Animation Setup

This lesson takes you deeper into the world of game development as you master the critical steps of character and animation setup for your epic boss encounter. Explore the creation and implementation of the boss character model and its dynamic animations, ensuring your adversary comes to life with precision and realism in Unreal Engine 5. This pivotal lesson equips you with the essential skills to breathe personality into your boss and set the stage for an engaging gameplay experience.

WEEK 11 | GAMEPLAY PROJECT: BOSS BATTLE Part 03 | Game Mechanics & AI Behaviour

Delve into the intricate world of player interactions, attack patterns, and AI-controlled boss movements. By the end of this lesson, you'll have the expertise to craft immersive gameplay mechanics and finely-tuned AI behavior, ensuring your boss battle shines in Unreal Engine 5.

WEEK 12 | GAMEPLAY PROJECT: BOSS BATTLE Part 04 | Testing, Iteration, and Polish

This lesson guides you through the final stages of crafting a memorable boss encounter by focusing on testing, iteration, and polish. Dive into rigorous playtesting to refine the battle's balance and identify any glitches or issues. With player feedback in mind, iterate on your design, animations, and AI behaviours, and elevate the experience with captivating visual and audio elements. This lesson ensures your boss battle in Unreal Engine 5 is polished to perfection, delivering an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.


Project Files: Included

Your instructor has prepared your files in an easy to digest format. 

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Jerome Rodgers-Blake

" Pride yourself on excellence and adding value"


Meet Your Instructor

Jerome is a highly experienced Lead Animator with nearly a decades worth of experience in the Games industry, having contributed to the development of numerous AAA titles such as;

Totalwar: Warhammer 2 (2018)
Totalwar: Warhammer 3 (2021)

Lords of the Fallen (2023)

He possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in character and creature animation and is the esteemed founder of the Advanced Animation Academy. Jerome is a prominent figure in the animation community, recognized for his contributions as a speaker at GDC Microtalks 2022.

With a passion for sharing his expertise and enabling others to reach their full potential, Jerome offers a diverse range of exceptional courses and classes designed to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to elevate your skills to the next level. His courses are expertly crafted and tailored to deliver practical and digestible content that will enable you to achieve your goals in the field of animation.


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