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Welcome to ADVANCED ANIMATION ACADEMY, where creativity meets career success! Our online animation school offers a unique and innovative approach to learning that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to make it big in the animation industry.

With our comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of topics and techniques, from 3D character animation to career guidance and mentoring, you'll have everything you need to succeed. Our passionate and experienced industry professionals are dedicated to helping you unleash your full creative potential and become a successful animation professional.

Join us today and discover a world of opportunity that will take your animation career to the next level. With ADVANCED ANIMATION ACADEMY, the sky's the limit!


Jerome Rodgers-Blake

Founder of Advanced Animation Academy & Animation Mentor


Jerome been a professional animator for nearly a decade, he has taught classes on animation, rigging, and motion capture, as well as providing one-on-one mentorship to aspiring animators. He has also been a featured speaker at several animation conferences. He has worked on several High quality and AAA projects such as:

TotalWar: Warhammer 2
Totalwar: Arena
TotalWar: Warhammer 3
 Lords of the Fallen

Project Kato
ScrewAttack: Death Battle! 


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Apo Nguyễn

VFX Artist & Founder/CEO of Planion Animation Studios

Apo has been a VFX professional VFX artist for 9 years.
He joined the animation and VFX industry to put his impact on the world.
He has worked on several Vietnamese Films and Asia Films, such as:

Monsters of Man (2020)
Shanghai fortress (2019)
Vagabond (2019)
And many moreHe founded Planion animation studios back in 2016 and has partnered up with AAA to help you produce stunning work

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Planion Animation Studios are the brilliant team behind the stunning, lighting, rendering and VFX you will get as part of your AAA Membership. Visit their site and see their amazing content


Autodesk is the geniuses behind the software we use to make the content we love.


Animbot has some of the best and most powerful tools for animators out there. The UI is easy to read and we use it as part of our daily workflow at AAA. Such a fantastic plug-in


Syncsketch is a powerful tool that we use to record animation feedback to our students or deliver it in real time.


All students of AAA gain instant access to our private discord sever. Come and chat with, share, and collaborate with current and previous AAA students.

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